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Becoming a jury. Source of inspiration...and frustration 😅

Hi everybody :-) Thought I might share few thoughts and news with you after my vacation. It was really good to put everything away and just rest. To be with my family and not stressing about all kind of stuff. I really needed it and feel energized and rested. We had a really great week in Porto, a charming city at the coast of Portugal. We enjoyed good food, beautiful evenings and relaxing days at the beach.

The autumn will be very busy for me and I will probably be somewhat less active than I was for the last 3 months but I will of course be creating and publishing more art projects but probably at a slower pace.

It was very fulfilling to participate in the "Humanity event" and one unexpected thing came out of it. I was asked to join the jury panel at NFT Design Awards and I accepted it. As a jury member I will be evaluating and ranking art submitted by artist to and that involves looking at a lot of submissions from artists with various backgrounds, disciplines and experience. I mostly find it very satisfying and inspiring. Sooo many awesome artists out there creating really engaging and motivating art. And of course there is also...cough cough... a lot of plain rubbish as well! 😅🙈 But for the most part the job as a jury is very satisfying and I just might make videos or live streams as I am judging/rating the art submissions. Its an idea that I will consider. I highly recommend you to visit the website and enjoy the many submissions and if you are an artist, you should send in your own work. I will do that with my next projects I will mint :-) I wish you all a very good summer and I am looking forward to get back to the creative journey I am on 😊


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