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G3niv3rse is my own universe and playground where I create stuff and share with my followers. It is the place where I try out ideas and concepts. Get exclusive access to early concept art and working 3d experiences as I experiment with all kind of stuff.


Its my laboratory and I am the crazy scientist / artist playing with my toys and tools. Some of it will become NFT's that only you can buy at a much lower price than I would normally list it. It could be everything from an image, video or 3d art experience...or all of it... Only 100 spots available on my Patreon page.

What will you get?
Concept art from w
ork in progress projects. Experimental 3d environments you can enjoy on your PC or VR, depending on what I am working on. Maybe even exclusive Snapchat lenses where I test building art experiences. Exclusive access to NFT art that I mint and list on Open Sea at a very low price. Only for you! Occasional live stream only for you.

Scroll down to the "G3NIV3RSE" tier :-)




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