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Enter the metaverse.

Its not a dragon but it sure is a beast and difficult to describe. What is it? You can write for eons and experts are somewhat divided in what is really is but the best way to describe it is "Presence" Presence and immersion are the best words and those words also describes my goal and vision for my art today. 3 years ago I would have been happy with just a good 3D render but now I want to add more layers to the art experience.

Today I work with both static image in mind, 360 degree panorama image and virtual 3d environment. They go together hand in hand and can be purchased as exclusive NFT art experience but also as a part of my Patreon page where supporters can get access to my metaverse development and art experiences. Lot of fun to get hold on there. Join me in my creative journey and see where it goes and secure yourself valuable art too.


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