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Minecraft has meant a lot to me as an artist and still does and in a way my starting point for the convergence between my graphical skills and the metaverse. As an award-winning texture artist, I will always be inspired by the amazing world of Minecraft and I will keep continuing to create Minecraft-related projects and texture packs. While I am starting up my journey as a prominent Digital artist, the Minecraft side will be on pause but you still have access to most of the content I already have published on my website.

resource pack

Genesis is a unique Ultra High Definition Alien/Sci-Fi resource pack designed for Minecraft. Experience Minecraft in a totally new way!


"Can I marry your resource pack?"

"Your style is nuts!"

Asian Half Squat
"It's very unique!"

"H*** crap!"

"I am blown away!"

The Genesis texture pack is NOT your ordinary texture pack. It is important to understand the philosophy behind it, what it is, and more importantly what it is not!  Please read this to educate yourself before buying it so you understand what you are getting into :-)

What it is
It is a futuristic science fiction /alien-themed texture pack and in many ways, you need to “unlearn” the traditional way of approaching Minecraft.
To allow me absolute freedom in making the textures I want, I don't restrict myself to making textures that resemble traditional blocks in Minecraft.  To put it simply. A grass block in my texture pack may not look at all as grass or have the traditional green color as you are used to. For me, any block in Minecraft is an empty canvas for me to use and the aim of the pack is to allow you to build beautiful things that you can use in your projects.

What it is not
It's not a total conversion.  It's very important that you understand the limits of making ultra-high-resolution texture packs.  If I were to make 1024x1024 textures for every block in Minecraft, nobody could ever run the game. But I will make as many as I can and it will indeed be interesting to see how many I can make before it becomes too heavy to run.  I also suspect that running my texture pack at 512x512 or lower will makes things easier to run.

It's not a real-life photo-realistic texture pack (like most other packs).  It's a far-out, fantasy world texture pack with stunning, awesome, and weird textures.


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