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Shop under construction.  Products either available on or Patreon.


I have 4 different tiers on Patreon offering my resource pack in resolutions from 128x128 and all the way up to 1024x1024.  I am adding content every month.  Texture packs, maps and unique structures/builds you and use in your own projects.  Read more about it on my Patreon page.

Products on

Fur mini pack


Unique texture pack for Minecraft with 8 specially made blocks that are furry and pet related

You will get this pack in 4 resolutions:

128x128 / 256x256 / 512x512 and 1024x1024

Works for Minecraft 1.14.4-18.

SciFi dome 1


SciFi dome that is cool and big enough to be used in several ways in your builds. Spawnpoint or base

You will get 1 Minecraft Schematics file you can load into your world using Worldedit. Either local or on a server


Alien crab 3 sizes


This is a structure that can be used to either create something alien like or as a base for a "planet drilling" thing or hovering over a spawn point. Its up to you.

You will get 3 Minecraft Schematic files in 3 different sizes



The great sphere


A huge SciFi/alien sphere that can float around as a space station/ mini moon or something else.

You will get 1 Minecraft Schematic file.


Alien mushrooms


Alien mushrooms in 3 different sizes that you can use for several possibilities

You will get 3 Minecraft Schematic files.

Alien helix 1


Alien helix in 2 sizes.  Decorative structures.

You will get 2 Minecraft Schematic files.

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