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Award winning project.  Read more here


What is Trip to the Grid?

It began as an entry into a community event at
Participants were to showcase what is possible to do in Minecraft with RTX on and I decided to use the opportunity to start developing my RTX texture skills and also improve my map-making and modeling skills also


In 4 weeks I developed a small texture pack, map, and builds to go along with and all was submitted just before the deadline for the event.


As I was working on this project something became clear to me.


Enter the Grid!

I initially got the idea to o seek inspiration from Tron Legacy because I loved the design, art style and it was heavily focused on the role of light.  That was a perfect fit for an RTX build.

As I developed more textures,, build and the map I realized that

I could only do so much in only 4 weeks but I was  screaming inside "I want to make it all!" 

So that is why I want to continue to develop this world and make it bigger and bolder in every way.

I am taking this project in under my other Patreon projects and

if you want to be a part of this growing world, please consider supporting me so I can "Take this system to its maximum potential" As a Patron, you will get access to new content and extended and growing texture pack involved in this project


My world and texture pack are now included in "The Ascended One" tier.  I am currently expanding this pack and adding things to the map  each month.

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