Before buying my texture pack You should first read the "ABOUT" page so you understand what you are getting and what not :-) Then you can head to my Patreon page and choose the tier that fits your needs

Furry is here!

Mini packs are small themed texture packs of only 8 blocks but due too their themed nature, they can enrich your build in new ways.  They will replace 8 terracotta blocks.  I have 7 themes already planned and will create theme paralell to the main texture pack (Genesis)

The planned themed are: "Furry" - "Blocks in black" "Metal madness" "Candy land" "Trippy" "Woody" and of course "Christmas"

Furry Now available as a part of the IWIA top tier.  Read more here

If you only want to buy the FURRY pack and nothing else you can now buy it from Gumroad.  Just click the button below

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