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Here you can download the free version and get a taste of what my pack is all about.  It includes 26 blocks at 128x128 resolution.  If you like it you can decide to go for that precious upgrade and opt in for the complete experience.  The first tier is only at 1$ so getting in is not expensive :-)



The bedrock edition for Windows 10 and PE includes over 50 blocks but at lower resolution (64x64)  Bedrock has no support for normal maps or specular maps


Do you want the full experience?

Free stuff is always good but nothing compares to the full experience with all the blocks, uniques animated blocks, items, and the custom moon/planet.  If you opt-in for the top tier at only 9 dollars you will also get awesome and weird schematic models, mini packs, beautiful art, and maps to play around with.  You will have to search hard and long to discover a better bundle at this quality


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