Before buying my texture pack You should first read the "ABOUT" page so you understand what you are getting and what not :-) Then you can head to my Patreon page and choose the tier that fits your needs


Here you can download the free version and get a taste of what my pack is all about.  It includes 26 blocks at 128x128 resolution.  If you like it you can decide to go for that precious upgrade and opt in for the complete experience.  The first tier is only at 1$ so getting in is not expensive :-)



The bedrock edition for Windows 10 and PE includes over 50 blocks but at lower resolution (64x64)  Bedrock has no support for normal maps or specular maps


Put your Bedrock into overdrive!

I know that the 64x64 version is cool and it will always be free but for those of you that want a bit more and even MUCH more! 😋 I provide you the good stuff!

For as little as only 1$ you can double the fun with 128x128 version and if you want to see that cool spaceship of yours in glorious whopping 512x512 resolution!! 👀 you can do so for only 5$.  Oh and did I mention that included is the Java version of the texture pack?  All the way up to 1024x1024 resolution!?  At absolutely no extra cost 🥰

Click around on this website to see what the big picture is all about and how it can make your Minecraft experience so much richer and more fun.


Version 1.6

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