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Are you ready for something different?

The GENESIS resource pack is the first and only Ultra-high quality alien/scifi resource pack that is designed for PTGI ray tracing like shaders.

It can be used with other shaders that support PBR.  This pack explores the limits of what can be done and "thinks outside of the box" in terms of what or how Minecraft blocks can look like.  Its both an experiment and a journey down a creative and original path of content making for Minecraft.


"out of this world!"

This pack enables you to create new worlds and builds that haven't been seen in Minecraft before.  It is actively being updated so you will get more to play with every month along with maps, structures and builds if you opt in for that.

There are 4 different resolutions available from 128x128 and up to 1024x1024 with prices starting from only 1 dollar.  There is even a free version available so you can get a feel for this unique texture pack before buying.

Top tier Patrons will additionally get access to all of my maps, structures, mini texture packs, models and art in HD

Before considering buying my texture pack or supporting me as a Patron you should head over to "ABOUT" page to read more about my work and what  you will be getting and more importantly, what you will not be getting :-)


Here below is a gallery of most of the blocks available in the texture pack.  You can also use it as a Database and reference page you can revisit when you are building stuff. Bookmark it for easy access.

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