IWIA - I want it all! Now you can have it 🥰

The Genesis resourse pack, the first mini pack, exclusive map made for BasilDoomHD and 5 of my builds and structures including the much hyped Space RV... all of this will be included in the newest tier that I have made and is called IWIA. At only $9 its an unbeatable price for so much content that only keeps growing. The builds are saved in schematics format so you will need Worldedit to load it into your Minecraft world. The first mini -pack is called "Furry" and is a small themed pack for animal/pet lovers. It is 1024x1022 res but lower res coming later.

BasilDoomHD once did a video about my resource pack and I and my kids made a map for that occasion. Now you can test it for yourself and play the silly little mini adventure we built into it aswell 😜.

Get access to it all here:

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