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The end is here!...

Or at least I am at the end of this creative journey and I am saying good bye for now to Ada 49, the cyborg that now is smiling down to us from somewhere in a digital heaven or cluster of electrical codes. I am proud of what I have managed to create in this short span of time and as always with projects that have a deadline, you could always add and improve but at some time you just have to say stop and let the art start living its own live independent from the creators control and wishes.

I set out to create a 3 part art experience build from 3 different mediums and combine them into one coherent experience. This is something I have always wanted to start doing and this event was a good motivator for me and a test to my creative vision and skills. I think my path is decided and this will make me unique in the world of NFT artists. Look out for more from me. Now I will submit my work to the panel of juries and take a good long rest before resuming work on my other projects.

And the final render.

And the brief story about her death and her song Adas last song

“The time had come. For her and many others. The optimal functionality level had been deemed insufficient for the system. She was now lying on the floor in the cryo chamber. It should be a moment of joy and expectation since the common belief that the soul or uploaded memories and personality would become one with the singularity. As Ada 49 began to slowly levitate into a cryogenic state she couldn't help thinking about whether she would be able to sing or feel anything in the singularity?

A sense of unease grabbed her mind and she felt the urge to use this last moment to sing one more time. Adas last song.

Deepest insecurity and doubting questions surfaced as her past went through her modified brain. Who am I! Metal, codes and upgrades or am I human at all. Do I have a soul? Did I lose it at some point? Will I vanish as I become one with all other memories? engtangled in one big soup of electric signals?

Floating upwards she felt the cold wrapping around her body and consciousness like a blanket. She stretched up one arm and closed her eyes as she began whispering out her last song…

Can you hear my song? Where does my self belong? What am I? What will I become? Answer blurred, in flesh its buried and fading code

Between reality of steel and bones

I am both human and the unknown. “no more shall I sing the cyborgs song”

Flickering codes of one and zero

Dimming out, Never got to be the hero

Circuits woven with threads of humanity Assimilated into singularity

What will be my personality? “no more shall I sing the cyborgs song” My soul, my spirit, a stranger to me Humanity fades. The spirit takes flight

Leaving the shell. Silent in the night. Fading away. I am getting colder Why do I want to cry on your shoulder? Please sing with me now. One last time

…The cyborgs song.


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