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Welcome to my art server

On my server, you will be able to explore some of my art, both as images and art installations that are spread around the map.  Furthermore, it is designed so you can also explore many of my custom textures I have made.

The server supports various versions of Java and also supports Bedrock so you will be able to join from PC, Mobile phone, or gaming console.



Server info

As you join the server you will be asked whether you want to download my resource pack.  I highly advise you to do so.  For optimal experience, its best to have SEUS PTGI shaders installed but other shaders like Sildur Vibrant or Seus renewed will give a nice experience too.

The resource pack that you are asked to download is at 256x256 resolution and the view distance on the server is 16.  If your computer can't handle that you can use my lower version at 128x128.  You will need to become a Patreon and pay 1 dollar for that version

Get Seus PTGI shaders (paid)
Get Seus renewed (free)
Get Sildurs Vibrant (free)


Server adress:
Port: 25585

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