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Cyperhost Special Offer!

cyperhost logo.png and G3N3ZIS have teamed up and are offering server owners and their visitors an incredible deal.  For only 4.5$ you can download and use all of G3N3ZIS's content library (content made until february 2022) in your projects.  This is a bundle worth well over 50$!

As a server owner you can now offer this same deal to your visitors giving them one more reason to join your server.  You have access to maps you can customize, 30 unique models in .schem and .schematic format and texture packs you can use. 

Do you run creative server or looking for a reason to do that?  Add the schematic files you want.

Study the content library here for more info.  Have a good look at it and see what ideas pop up.

Use the images and video material from the content library and post it on your website, ingame store and social media platforms to motivate people to join your server.

Content library: Content library CLICK HERE

The content library grows every month and is available on my Patreon page as a top tier for only 9$  You can always consider to continue supporting G3N3ZIS and get updated content.

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