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Connecting worlds

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Asian Half Squat
"It's very unique!"

"H*** crap!"

"Can I marry your resource pack?"

"I am blown away!"

"Your style is nuts!"

Minecraft RTX



resource pack

Genesis is a unique Ultra High Definition Alien/Sci-Fi resource pack designed for Minecraft. Experience Minecraft in a totally new way!

Visions and worlds converging!

My goal is to see my creative vision converge and connect with the world of Minecraft and your world, where you can appreciate my work and art in both a passive and interactive way.

Whether it is through my texture packs, art, models, or other upcoming projects, I hope that you will be inspired and entertained.

I invite you to join me on this creative journey and help me to enrich both your's and other's Minecraft experience.

Help me create new unique experiences by becoming my Patron and also contribute with

feedback and ideas as my world expand.

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